What does Soongbae mean?

It means ‘cult’ in Korean. Because we’re in the best cult! You can find out more about Soongbae in our ‘About Us’ page and through our social media. 

What are shipping costs? 

Currently our flat rate for shipping within AUS is $15 with each purchase. Shipping internationally is a bit different right now, so if you don’t see your country on the list, please contact us and we can try to figure something out! 

How long does shipping take? 

At the moment it is an average of 7-10 business days, but due to a little global catastrophe we can’t guarantee exact dates right now, as much as we would love to. If you are not sure about the status of your order, please get in contact with us. 


Can I collect my purchase? 

At the moment we’re just an online store so we only offer shipping/delivery. 


What kind of products are in the fandom boxes/bias boxes? 

Honestly, a little bit of everything! We include anything from photocards, keychains, enamel pins, plushies, accessories, stationary! We like to think they are unlimited. And lucky for everyone they tend to change contents pretty regularly so if you have bought a box before, you may not get the same things again. 


I’ve bought a box before, and I want to get another one but I don’t want to get the same things I have already received. What can I do? 

We cannot guarantee that you won’t get the same items that you have already received. Things like photo cards and stickers might repeat themselves. If there is a HUGE item in your box that you don’t want again please let us know once you have made the purchase and we will do our VERY best, but sometimes that isn’t always possible. 


Can I pick and choose what products go in my fandom box/ bias box? 

The boxes already have products inside, so we can’t customise anything for you. You can definitely pick what group and idol you want your box to contain, but if there is a certain product you are desperate to have we suggest purchasing it separately so you don’t miss out. 


Can I get a refund? 

You can find our returns policy here. 

If your item is faulty or damaged please contact us immediately. We currently do not offer returns on change of minds, but we will consider all circumstances. All returns need to have proof of original purchase and need to be requested within 30 days. 

If you need a return please contact us through the contact us page, or via email at: 


Subject: Refund Request Order number (Your order number here)


I saw a product but it’s out of stock. Will it be back? 

Hmm, that depends. If it’s a super popular item, there may be a waitlist/pre-order option. Otherwise you can subscribe to our emails to see any product drops and launches. 

If it’s no longer on the website, there is a chance that we may not stock it again or cannot confirm a date we will have it back. You can contact us through the website or social media if you had a specific item in mind. 


I really love this artist, can you stock their products? / I’m an artist and I make kpop items, can you stock my stuff?

We would LOVE too! We are always looking for more members of the Soongbae cult! 

We can’t make any promises, but send an email to info@soongbae.com with the details and links and we can definitely investigate it! 


Why do you only stock certain K-groups? 

Don’t you worry! We are working on adding more and more groups to the collection! Who do you want to see?


Does purchasing an album through you help get the album on the charts? 

As our suppliers are based in Korea, any purchases from us go towards the charts in Korea, not the Aria charts in Australia. 


Can I work for you? / Do you have a physical store?

We wish! At the moment we are just a small online business, but any massive changes and opportunities that come up we will definitely let you know! 


I saw this product somewhere else at a different price. How come? 

The easy answer is that I don’t know! There are a lot of factors in pricing, and we can’t really discuss the ins and outs of another business. If it is a HUUUUUGE price difference, please send a screenshot because there will usually be a really good reason for any price differences, and if not we can look into what is going on. At the moment, all of our pricing is done with a lot of thought for good reason, so we don’t offer price beats.