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BTS Air Fresheners

BTS Air Fresheners

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Take your favourite boy with you everywhere! Inspired by some lighthearted memes, these double sided air fresheners are going to make every drive memorable!

In the name of the Joon, I will punish you!
Forest scented, for his love of bonsai (but we think it smells more like fresh soap)! We couldn’t resist showing off this magical guardian in all their hip-hop glory!

From the iconic, cinematic masterpiece ‘House of Army’, Jin smells like lotus, because we all know he is a flower (even when he embodies a banana)

The legendary muse Yoonji makes an appearance. Her exquisite style and attitude pairs nicely with Yoongi’s fave Iced Americano, for a fresh coffee smell!

J-HOOOOOOOOPE! Classic style, sassy looks and bubblegum pop! Who wouldn’t want to have some sweet sunshine in your car!

Sweet mochi! Vanilla scented Jimin graces your space with his beauty, serenity and retro style!

Watermelon Tae Tae! Dry your tears winter bear! The only one in our collection where the smell actually matches the image!

Remember that time when JK peeled a pineapple with his bare hands? In honour of the golden maknae, we have immortalised that feat of strength with this cute Jungshook pineapple air freshener!

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