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BTS Candles

BTS Candles

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Bias based candles, perfect for your idol shrine! Scents Inspired by our favourite boys:

Namjoon - Forever Rain

Lavender, Cucumber and Sage
Soothing and fresh, this delicate scent is perfect for those who love to keep the peace!

Seokjin - Flying Kiss

Lychee Peony
This clean scent combines sweet lychee, peach and raspberry with a fresh wave of seductive jasmine and peony!

Yoongi - Tangerine Dream

Basil, Lime and Mandarin
It has tangerine, what else needs to be said. It’s perfect.

J-Hope - Soda on the Side

Raspberry Lemonade
The zesty candle perfect for those who love raspberry with a soda on the side!

Jimin - Baby Mochi

Japanese Honeysuckle
Sweet and delicious, the ideal candle for our sweet angel mochi! Hints of grape, neroli, pine and vanilla, but honestly smells so good it’s hard to describe.

Taehyung - Winter Bear Night

Vanilla, Patchouli and Sandalwood
Warm and soulful, this earthy sweet candle is perfect to warm up winter bears!

Jungkook - Utopia

Ginger and Black Orchid
Floral, fresh and spicy, the perfect flirty scent for our cheeky golden maknae!

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