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BTS Hanahaki Pin

BTS Hanahaki Pin

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Hanahaki: The fictional illness when someone is suffering from unrequited love. The victim coughs up flower petals while suffering.

These intricate pins showcase the emotion behind one-sided suffering and beauty within romance. Inspired by BTS members, each member’s pin is full of symbology and lore.

Namjoon: Wearing a moon crown to represent eternity and wisdom, white lilies spill from his mouth. Often used as a funeral flower, lilies also represent purity of the soul.

Seokjin: Afflicted with striped carnations, the flower represents love, but a solemn "sorry I can’t be with you” love. Jin’s gold tin crown symbolises his strength weathering through challenges and remaining sturdy despite temptations.

Jimin: Beautiful and sensual, Jimin is surrounded by pink winter jasmine to emphasis the tenderness and affection of love. His strong crystal crown to represent passion and courage.

Taehyung: Wearing a crown of angel feathers, V’s innocence and purity is on display as he is afflicted with anemone flowers. Symbolising the confusing nature of love, anemones offer conflicting meanings of both bad luck and protection.

Jungkook: The traditional wedding flower Gardenia spills forth from JK’s mouth, with their petals reminiscent of love, trust and purity. Upon his head, a laurel of olive leaves; a crown to signify victory and glory.


Gold plating
Tae: 2inches
All other members: 1.75 inches


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